The following thank you notes are from families that we have served. We are proud of taking care of our families' loved ones during their time of need. We are here for you any time.

— Chapman Funeral Homes

Chapman Funeral Care

Dear Terry & Mary,

This may seem a bit out of the blue. My father, Juan Ignacio Lara, passed away a year and a half ago (September 1, 2014). I was 23, I was the one who had to take care of everything, & I was clueless, devastated, & scared. I don't know how I got so lucky to fall upon your website out of all the countless funeral homes in this area.

I know this is random, but even all this time later, I wanted to thank you both again for the heart and dedication you put into your work. Since my father's passing, I have witnessed the untimely deaths of other people close to me and I have attended other funerals and memorials. What I've noticed is that my father's service was small, but it was special. It was true to who he was. There was nothing extravagant, it was an intimate genuine reflection of him as a human being, and I am eternally grateful to you both. Terry, you counseled me throughout everything & even guided the service a bit yourself. I actually just finished watching the memorial video again, even after all this time. My 4 year old daughter & I often watch it together and it's one of the most treasured belongings I own. Thank you both so very much for your goodness.

Catherine Lara

Chapman Funeral Care

Dear Mary and Terry

Thank you for bringing Joe home to me. Your compassion, respect, kindness, and professionalism make me very happy I chose Chapman Funeral Homes to take care of my husband.

I noticed that you only charged me for the original order of 100 prayer cards. Please bill me for the additional 25 cards that I requested for a total of 125 prayer cards. Many of Joe's family and friends have sent condolences from all over Asia and Europe and I need to mail prayer cards to all of them.

I appreciate all your support during this very difficult time. Thank you.

With sincerest gratitude,
Candy C.

Chapman Funeral Care

I want to thank you profusely for your overall class act professionalism, concerted effort and generosity of spirit.

We are in the south of France, right now, in a lovely villa overlooking the ocean. It is just what I needed. I feel so blessed to have had the mother I had, the husband I have, and you: the ultimate person to have taken care of all my needs at such a fragile time in my life. God certainly did send you to me. Thank you, again and again, Terry.

With great appreciation,

Diana W.

Chapman Funeral Care

Terry and Mary,

Thank You so much for helping us during this difficult time. Your compassion and Love for your job really shows through. You managed to make the planning of this difficult time as easy and smooth as possible. May God bless you and your family. Vickie and Stacie Zamberakis family.

Chapman Funeral Care

My God, Terry! You and your service have been absolutely wonderful! My mother is so lucky to have your assistance in her time of greatest need.

Namaste . . .
Ben Dai

Chapman Funeral Care

Dear Terry & Mary,

I wish to thank you for what I saw, heard, and sensed in your presence at my house that night of April 16, 2013. Your kindness, intelligence, compassion, artistry, and advice gave me confidence to the very last moment. Thank you very very much for everything you said and did. God bless you always.

Sincerely Maria Ganis
mother-in-law of Fr. Peter Stratos

Chapman Funeral Care

A little more kindness grows in the world each time we give from our hearts... Thank you so much for your gracious hearts and feelings and prayers — The total transition to Dorothy was genuinely felt by all and know she "was smiling" throughout... God bless you both and your excellent team.

R. Calvert & Family.

Chapman Funeral Care

Dearest Chapman Staff,

This extra special thank you note sent to you today holds more appreciation than any words can say. For you're among the nicest people we have even known, and you'll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you've shown. You two will always have a special place in our hearts. We will never forget the kindness you extended to us during this sad time in our lives, losing both our parents.

Sincerely, Ruben, Randy & Valerie Vega family.

Chapman Funeral Care

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave to our family. Jeff told me that you and your wife and your staff, were great and he would not want to use anyone else. I now see why he has so much confidence in your service. Every detail was tended to in the most respectful manner. I know you must have given us special considerations in the charges and I truly appreciate that as well. I know you will be blessed in ways that will compensate you.

I got to see the "beating" you take from my granddaughter. She told me you and your wife are "the coolest" and some of her favorite people. Kids cannot have too many good role models in their lives. So as a client, as a sister in the Church and I hope, as a friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Peters family

Chapman Funeral Care

Dear Chapman Funeral Care,

Our kind words cannot be enough to tell you how much you mean to us and our family, during the loss of our father. Your walking us through this hard time, and helping us provide the knowledge and ideas of creating a wonderful, meaningful service in honoring our father. We had no idea that things you provided were even possible, and you did not make us feel obligated to spend our money. In fact, we feel we did not pay enough to Chapman Funeral Home. A special thank you to Mary, for the wonderful and touching DVD memorial. We watch it often, and it helps us remember our father with even more fond memories. You and your staff are the best!

Thank You again, please be watching for a special gift from our family to yours.

God bless
The Gordon Family, and grandkids

Chapman Funeral Care

Dear Chapman's

Thank You so much for helping my family and I through this hard time. Our brother looked so good and you took care of him. I am grateful to get a chance to have to have a three day viewing. For those who were late, you still let them come visit after hours compassionately without hesitation. We can't thank you two enough. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much!

The Pham family

Chapman Funeral Care

The Owners,

I personally wanted to Thank You for your kindness and professionalism in a very tough time for my girlfriend and her family, both of your time and effort to detail was much appreciated. I cannot express enough how much I respect and appreciate what you did to give him the utmost respect and care. You and your staff are very special and I thank you.

D. Parrish

Chapman Funeral Care

I just want to say that you two did a wonderful job make sure my brother was taken care of, and he looked his best. You guys did a wonderful job with the DVD Memorial and programs. Thanks for being generous in helping our family out through this hard time. Both of you understood, felt and shared our pain for our beloved younger brother. We can't thank you enough for all you've have done for our family physically and spiritually. Thank You.

S & S

Chapman Funeral Care

Dear Chapman Funeral Home,

I am so glad that we found your funeral home. I wanted to thank you for all of your help during our difficult time for my family. You made the entire process so easy and bearable. I really appreciate everything you did for us and for my grandmother. You will always be recommended by all of us.

Sincerely, The Duffy Family

Chapman Funeral Care

Dear Chapman Funeral,

Words cannot express how much your kindness and Professionism meant to our family. You helped to make the passing of my mother easier for all of us to bear. From the time we first met with you, we felt that you cared about every detail. You showed compassion for the grief we were experiencing. I never felt like this was a business for you, it is your calling! I was so happy that you were there to dedicate my Mother's and also my Father's grave. When my father passed — it seemed like the other funeral home didn't care about him, or us. This experience was so different — So comforting. Thank you for holding our hearts and hands and getting us through such a difficult time.

The Conrad Family

Chapman Funeral Care

Thank you for your professionism and kind support during our goodbyes to my sweetheart, James. The respect and thoughtfulness you showed to him, to me, and to his father, Tino, made this difficult time so much easier. Gratefully, Marderosian.

Chapman Funeral Care

Chapman Funeral Care Staff:

What a pleasure to write this card of "Thanks". You folks made our decisions so much easier, and we had to say Goodbye to our mother, Rose. You made the pain truly be just a little more able to handle in our hearts. You people truly have a gift. Thank You so much,

Sincerely, The Belcastro family.

Chapman Funeral Care

Just a quick note, we wanted to take just a moment and tell you "THANK YOU" for all you did for our family, during this hard time of losing our mother. She was a gem, in our lives. We know she was going to pass, but still, having her die in our home, was still a hard time, and we saw her pass on into the next life. When you came to our home to pick her up, the moment you walked into our home, and gave that magical comfort, we knew we chose the right funeral home. Thank you for everything !

Sincerely, Jenny Pastis

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